About A.T.

“Many Have Made it Their Objective to Deceive, Alpha Truther is Not One of Them.”

– K.J

December 11, 2015

The Alpha Truther website is not just likely my last campaign that I will be running during the coming years, it is also a way through which I will try to highlight other ‘alpha truthers’ their work that I believe deserves your attention.

In all honesty, the so-called ‘truth movement’ is no more. What is left is fragmentation. Pockets of hardcore rebels that are fighting not only the establishment press and government propaganda and lies but also the co-opted alternative media and their exposed heroes.

This campaign, Alpha Truther, this is IT! This is where we, you and I, leave the co-opted rest behind, this is the point where the true rebels get the credit for their hard and unconditional work.