A.T. Membership

The Alpha Truther Membership Allows You to be More Informed AND Faster than the Rest of the World for a One-Time Payment of Only $10!


As an A.T. Member you’ll receive my website updates and reports at least 24 hours in advance – before it gets published on the Alpha Truther website and in many cases even up to 48 hours.

In addition, you will also receive information and analyses that will NOT be published on the website – thus, concerning intel that is exclusively for A.T. Members only.

To become an A.T. Member simply fill out the form below and complete your one-time payment (membership fee) of 10 US dollars.

This one-time payment first of all confirms your membership, on your side, and helps me to further expand the reach of the Alpha Truther website. After this one-time payment you will never be asked again for any membership fee, ever, and you will keep on receiving my updates and reports practically for life. That is my commitment to you, in return for your dedication and support.

After you have confirmed your A.T. Membership I will add your provided e-mail address to the mailing list in order for you to start receiving my updates and reports ASAP.

One-Time Payment

Complete a one-time payment of 10 US dollars:

  • With Western Union: to KOEN JACOBS, CEBU, PHILIPPINES (Note: the one-time payment of $10 membership fee does not include the Western Union fee to send the amount!)
  • With Bitcoin: to 1ECBNcdB8KynoVHxrLs3VPv2yyhm65MSXW

However you send the payment, always use the e-mail address that you have provided in the form above as the transaction message! This is very important, in order to verify your Membership on my side.


Need help with this registration process? Contact me at alphatruther@bitmessage.ch.


K.J Alpha Truther

Koen Jacobs,

Alpha Truther