“Israel: The World’s Most Moral Army” – PragerU, IFCJ

I kid you not, the above title is a real title for a real video published by PragerU and eagerly pushed by the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ).

By them – and specifically by ‘Colonel’ Richard Kemp (UK) –  it is being claimed that the IDF is the most moral and caring army that has ever walked on the surface of this planet. And I’m not exaggerating, they really try to make you believe this nonsense.

Of course, they don’t mention the  Sabra and Shatila massacre and they don’t reference the IDF’s slaughter campaigns in Jenin – to name only two occasions that completely prove this epic lie is just that: A BIG FAT LIE!

When you start looking at who is running Prager University, which isn’t a real academic institution (also in their own words) by the way, it instantly becomes obvious why that video contains that specific message that aims to deceive the gullible viewer (and with close to 900,000 views as of this report, this video’s reach is rightfully very worrying since it has already polluted the minds of likely thousands of people).

Among others, Michael Leven – Sheldon Adelson’s no. 2” – occupies a leading position as one of PragerU’s Directors. With this the tone is set for any further inquiries into the company. We already know what the deal is…

The tone is set for what is to be expected from this zionist wolf in sheep’s clothing and this can be confirmed through other productions on their part such as “Radical Islam: The Most Dangerous Ideology.” In fact, when we take the false alternative media block into account, both they and the zionist PragerU are exactly on the same page and deploy exactly the same tactics – as both intentionally strive to complete the zionist agenda of cleansing the Middle East in favor of the illegal state of Israel that by the way still occupies the Golan Heights as well, and even more intense now than ever before through the Rothschild dynasty and its local oil business there (as I have explained earlier here).


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