DECEMBER 14, 2015

United Nation$ Climate Deal: What They Are NOT Telling You


DECEMBER 12, 2015

About Newt Gingrich’s “California Terrorist Attack” Tweet


The Holy Quran Experiment

I came across this video about a week ago but I didn’t pay any attention to it since I simply thought it was more UNEI propaganda jive. Turns out I was wrong. The Holy Quran Experiment video is actually quite amusing when you consider how hard the press (including most of the so-called alternative block), governments and zionists are trying to demonize islam.

In addition to this, according to the creators of it, the video – with more than 6 million views – has encountered problems while being distributed on Facebook:

“…we’ve noticed a lot of people have been unable to share this video to their Facebook walls. As a work-around, we’ve provided a link to our own Facebook upload in the description above. You’ll be able to share the video from that post.”

The fact that the video is reaching people is hopeful.

Video link: youtube.com/watch?v=zEnWw_lH4tQ


El Chapo vs ISIS, part 2

Funny how many “alternative media” outlets and useful-idiot-truthers fell for the stupid ruse, even though it was so transparent as it can possibly be. I saw the fake story being spread like wildfire by practically all the biggest alternative news psyop websites out there and I’ve personally seen what used to be (before this incident) smart activists post this ruse on their Facebook and Twitter wall – and really proud they were too. What a bunch of losers. Goodness!!

Stunning how simple it is to fool people. Isn’t it? Truly amazing. And it always works, time and again.

Of course to save their faces and asses, limited hangouts like Infowars [1, 2] swiftly added an update to their copy-pasting saying that the source of the report may have called his own El Chapo-ISIS article fake out of fear (for???).


Famous Conspiracy Theorist Quits

As I launched the Alpha Truther website yesterday, apparently on the other side of the world “Y2K” Art Bell “9/11-truth-seekers-are-idiots” announced that he is ending his radio entertainment career (again) due to a person or multiple persons who are after him.

Of course this is on par with the earlier announcement by the Veterans Today shills saying that they were leaving Duff behind for being a fraud – all the while having worked for him several years KNOWING all along that he was full of shit – as admitted by him. In the same period, a few months ago, we also saw James Heikkila courting the VT rebellion. Well, they all fit well together. Maybe Art Bell can contact them and Rense to launch a show of their own.


DECEMBER 11, 2015

“Israel: The World’s Most Moral Army” – PragerU, IFCJ


Alpha Truther: A ‘This is it’ Campaign


El Chapo vs ISIS

Obviously a stupid ruse to condition the public for full war in Syria and the rest of the Middle East!!


Trump and Muslims

By targeting muslims, Donald Trump is – on cue – furthering the zionists their war agenda through creating hatred towards muslims and islam.

What the zionists claim that Hitler allegedly did to them in the second world war, the zionists are now doing to their muslim counterparts and they are finding a growing number of useful idiots who are offering their help. Not to forget, through the intense dedication of false alternative media outlets and networks.

On that note, no matter who it is that “wins” the US elections, Clinton or Trump, a bigger US army is ensured and more wars too and when the trend is holding on that will include a global conflict with Russia, China and Iran.

And all of this because most people, anywhere in the world for that matter, find it so hard to believe or see that their own governments are staging one false flag attack after another. In Europe, the US, Africa and Asia.


Mawuna Remarque Koutonin:

“I’m not a journalist. Most journalists are now dogs. …”